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In addition to the central healers and Bound, the Town is populated with an array of background characters. These figures provide the player with information regarding events and town history, and also offer services such as barter and repair. When delivering messages to the player, townsfolk may sometimes have nicknames such as "Onlooker", "Whisperer", or "Busybody", rather than their model's usual avian-themed name.

Townsfolk can usually be found wandering the streets or inside of houses. Should the player's district reputation drop low enough, adult townsfolk will deny their services, and Militia will attack on sight. However children's trading services will always remain available to the player, and adults will still be willing to speak with the player.

Infected versions of townsfolk can be traded with for valuables and food in exchange for drugs. They will always trade with the player regardless of district reputation. Infected Crow & Ouzel are functionally identical, as are infected Dove & Oriole.

Because Goose and Starling are associated with the upper class of the Stone Yard Quarter, they do not accept home-brewed drugs, which are emblematic of the Kin. Conversely, Pochard and Kayura are aligned with the Earth Quarter's working class, and do not accept manufactured drugs such as Morphine and Immunity Boosters. The remaining infected townsfolk can be seen as a middle class of sorts, in that they accept all of the aforementioned drug categories, and can also be found across the entire town. Whereas the "upper class" townsfolk do not typically appear in the Earth Quarter, and the "working class" do not appear in the Stone Yard Quarter.

Hostile townsfolk that attack the player and other townsfolk on sight. Arsonists will not attack the player unless they are infected, regardless of infection level. Killing enemy townsfolk will grant an increase in Reputation, with the exception of killing infected townsfolk which decrease it. However, the Changeling can heal infected individuals from up close using her melee attack which raises her reputation.

Townsfolk are generally hostile to Jimmy all year round. He may get pleasant reactions from them based on what clothing he's wearing. For example, wearing clothing from the Aquaberry Outlet and having a nice haircut from the Vale Hair Salon will usually get him pleasant reactions from the Old Bullworth Vale residents. Another way is to insult them then apologize so that if Jimmy talks to them again, they will be friendly. Despite normally being hostile to Jimmy, male townsfolk will be friendly to him if he greets them positively. This does not happen with the female Townsfolk, however.

Despite the townsfolk being grown-up, it is possible to scare the male adults to the point where Jimmy can actually humiliate them. This is done by taunting an adult, and saying nothing afterwards, waiting until they walk off. Shove taunt them, and then use an advanced taunt on them. They will get scared, and you may have to taunt them again to be given the option to humiliate the adult. Humiliating them fills the trouble meter to the maximum level. Most adults are given the same humiliations Jimmy gives to the regular older boys. Taller adults such as Mr. Ramirez and the hobos such as Handy are given the humiliations that Jimmy gives to the taller older boys.

Jimmy may break free when they catch him, but it's not easy because they always catch Jimmy when the trouble meter is full, because Jimmy can only break free from the arrest of prefects, townsfolk, Bullworth Academy staff and police officers when the trouble meter is yellow or orange.

Townsfolk are NPCs residing on the island in Calico. You can interact with them, and they will give you quests you can complete. There are a total of 20 townsfolk in game, and 8 townsfolk who were never added to the game.

Junius will remember your name and greet you, implying that he knew your character when they were little and that the town had assumed you dead after such a long leave. Junius explains that the mercenaries smashed the ancient statue of the town's founder and a magical fire poured out. He will ask you to bring home some townsfolk that took refuge in Highwinter Castle, giving you 5 Potions of Minor Healing to aid you.

Blazing Saddles: Newly assigned Sheriff Bart arrives in Rock Ridge and is met which scorn and racist taunts. When Mini-Boss Mongo arrives, they rush to him for help. He saves the day and is given a pie by an old lady, who thanks him but tells him to have the good taste not to tell anyone. Of course, this is part of the satire of the movie. Done in Cave Dwellers, where the hero Ator promises to help a village fight the local snake cult so they can stop their young people from being claimed as Human Sacrifices... only to be drugged and tied up, since the villagers think that offering the snake cultists Ator will buy them off. Naturally it doesn't work. The Dark Knight Rises: Bane's takeover of Gotham works with this trope, and he exposes the truth about Harvey Dent to justify releasing all of the Blackgate inmates. Dogville. The point that regular, small-town, hard-working Townsfolks are just as horrible people as anyone else is the whole point of the movie. Played with in that the townfolks' poor treatment of Grace is what causes the OTHER villains to kill them all. At Grace's request. High Noon: The townsfolk are quick to laud Marshal Kane at the beginning for the way he cleaned up their town from the Wretched Hive it previously was, and seem immensely grateful... but when a convict he put away comes back for revenge with a gang in toe, not one is willing to help him defend himself, no matter how much he appeals to them. In fact, some support the gang being allowed to run the town. At the end, after beating Miller and his gang, Kane throws down his badge and walks away without a word. High Plains Drifter: This happens before the beginning of the movie and is the basis for everything that happens during it. Including the subversion that happens before we actually learn this; after seemingly teaching the townsfolk to fight back against the evil bandits threatening the town, the 'hero' betrays the townspeople by abandoning them, letting the bandits have the run of the town before he returns to take his own vengeance on them. In The Magnificent Seven, a small group of the villagers betray the Seven and allow Calvera into the village after they learn that Calvera cannot simply move on and raid another village, which was what they had hoped would happen when he discovered that the village had hired gunmen. The Seven understand their reasoning, even defending their actions when their children denounce them as cowards, and still return to save the village after Calvera released them far from the territory. Outland is basically High Noon IN SPACE!! but in this case, the deep-space mining colony is run from Earth by a Corrupt Corporate Executive which pretty much ensures that the Marshal's efforts aren't probably going to have much long-term effect. Seven Samurai: The samurai, after saving the village, are given nothing more than millet, while the beautiful women of the village gorge themselves on rice, and the guy who loves one of the townsfolk ends up alone. In Star Wars, the Jedi Order spent over 25,000 years protecting The Republic and its citizens, but few understood them and their ways and as a result many feared them. The fact that they constantly suffered from a bad case of The Paragon Always Rebels didn't help matters, and by the time of A New Hope a couple decades of The Empire's propaganda was enough to make people forget about millennia of good work. In Star Wars Legends Luke Skywalker's Order Reborn addressed many of the criticisms directed towards the Jedi in the past, but even that wasn't enough for some people. Transformers: Age of Extinction: After the Autobots spent the first movie trilogy protecting the humans from the Decepticons, the humans hunt them down and harvest their corpses for spare parts. It's even worse in The Last Knight, where the returning human heroes of the first three films (most notably Captain William Lennox) are now anti-Transformers (all Transformers) and even accept an alliance with Megatron in order to take out the Autobots. Van Helsing: During the fight with Dracula's brides when Van Helsing first arrives in Romania, Van Helsing manages to kill one of said brides. How do the townsfolk thank him By ganging up on him with Torches and Pitchforks with the intent to kill; apparently, they're fine with the vamps killing someone once a month for food, but now that one of Dracula's brides is dead, the others will come for revenge and kill them all. Anna is considerably more respectful.

Invoked on Angel, in the second-season episode "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" In the '50s flashbacks, he's getting ready to summon and kill the paranoia demon that's been affecting everyone in the hotel, when the girl he's been helping most turns an angry mob on him to divert their attention away from her. This was justified by the fact that it was a paranoia demon, and Angel leaving them all to their fates is presented as a failure on his part. The Firefly episode "Safe", where Simon and River are kidnapped by a town in need of a doctor. He hates being kidnapped and calls the townsfolk on it, but grows to like being able to help the townsfolk and having a stable place to house River. However, they become convinced she's a "witch," and plan to burn her at the stake. Nothing Simon says will stop them, so he gets up on the stake too. And they were getting ready to burn them both! The same people who went to great lengths to get a doctor were perfectly willing to go back to their high mortality rates if it meant burning a mentally damaged girl. Kenan & Kel: In "Foul Bull", the entire city of Chicago brutalizes Kenan, Kel, and Chris simply because a mishap at Rigby's got NBA star Ron Harper injured. The police are involved as well.Kenan: Have you tried calling the police Chris: Most of the people out there are the police. Mob: We're gonna get you, Kenan and Kel! We hate Rigby's! We hate Rigby's! We hate Rigby's! The people of Nettlestone are invited to Robin Hood's birthday party but decide to send the Sheriff's mercenaries along instead. Even though this would give the Sheriff completely free rein to indulge in his hobbies of robbing, starving, torturing, and exploiting them without interference from Robin's gang. In Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, just about every Civilization of the Week they try to save from the Goa'uld, the Ori, the Wraith, or for that matter from anything. Everyone that doesn't fit this ends up home to a few Les Collaborateurs. Often, the planets have exactly two notable characters: a Reasonable Authority Figure who supports the heroes and an Evil Chancellor who wants to follow this trope, sometimes even going behind the Reasonable Authority Figure's back to do so. Of note are the villagers in Atlantis who capture Ronon to hand him off to the Wraith, hoping that the Wraith would let them be. Needless to say, they were all slaughtered for their trouble. Slightly justified in that Ronon inadvertently brought the Wraith to their village during his time as a Runner. 59ce067264

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