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Overall Commandos 3 really feels like a legitimate next-generation isometric experience. Commandos 2 was a fine game, but if you play this you will be struck by the lushness of the visuals and the subtlety of the design. Commandos 2 lacked a moral center - other than the mantra of violence is wrong - and it relied way too heavily on jokey one-liners and ludicrously cartoon premise. This time commandos 3 has trees growing out of people's heads, and dumper trucks bursting through walls. It's a far more mature game, and one that's every bit as enjoyable as the previous one.

The aim is to capture a set of postcards from a secret base and get them to your commandos HQ before the enemy does so. The postcards, which are stolen along the way, take the form of letters, pictures, tapes or other media, and in a game of 2 teams of 6, you'll have to use the cards to progress. Each postcard contains clues to a different multi-stage mission, and the resulting locations can help you to unlock new characters or weapons, with the option to kill standard enemy soldiers to earn even more points. This gives the game a certain sense of escalation, but it's never especially challenging. The movements of the human enemies are well-timed, whereby they will show up in certain areas and then disappear just in time for you to grab onto the action. Sometimes in the (interminable) run-and-gun missions, I found myself actually looking forward to the enemies appearance on view, knowing that it would be vital to the progression of the game.

Because Commandos 3 is free of the original development cost, it naturally trades heavily on the work that went into the previous edition. The sets look similar, if not identical, and the action, albeit more tactical than arcade-y, follows a similar routine. There's a bit of a shift in the approach, however, the focus on the dauntingly clever variety of postcard missions is broadened to include a challenge of cracking codes. The missions themselves are more varied in appearance than in commandos 2, much of it time-based, with a countdown for your mobile phone ticking away to zero. d2c66b5586

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