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The third translation and edition was made by Tommy Wong, the brother of Yip Man's student, Yuen Pau Woo, but was not published until 1974. This translation is the one that his student, Yuen Wing Chun, used in his official Wing Chun books. Yuen Wing Chun did not want his students to be confused with the translations made by Bruce Lee, and therefore, he preferred to have his students read Yip Man's book (which was published in 1974). However, Tommy Wong's translation was used in Yuen Wing Chun's books. There is no other Wing Chun manual that uses this translation. It is also the only one to mention the chung mui.

This style might be used for self-defense and for, but most often, the term is used to refer to the only form of the martial art taught by Yip Man in his book, The Wing Chun Kuen, and supposedly by his teachers, Wong Shun Leung, Leung Jan and Yip Man's late students, Yuen Ren-ching, Yuen Pau Woo and Yuen Wing Chun, the last three being the only ones with the honor of being given a chung mui2 certificate by Yip Man. However, the biggest controversy in the history of Wing Chun and Chinese martial arts, is that of the chung mui. The controversy involves the undisputed authorship of the only authentic book on Wing Chun, published in Hong Kong in 1974, authored by Yip Man. Yip Man's book is a collection of his more than 50 books on the art. Although this edition is usually referred to as the first Wing Chun book, it was actually compiled from translations of Yip Man's books from different sources. The main Wing Chun manuals are:

The second is translated from the Chinese by Bruce Lee, of Wing Chun fame, and was completed in 1973. This is the most widely used translation and it includes the most famous techniques of the art.

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