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In 2010, HPI released the Savage Ripper, featuring two of the newest 4.6 performance engines available. The Widebody 2.0 HP is twice as powerful as the Widebody 1.6. The new Widebody 2.0 HP features an air intake system that allows for superior air/fuel mixing. The Widebody 1.6 features a 1.6 diameter intake system that helps develop the power that the 1.6 delivers. These engines are only available for the Savage Xs. The new Widebody RTR engine are set to be released in February 2011.

In 2009, Hypereel released a new line of attachment racks called the HyperNuts[10]. Unlike your standard spin rack, the HyperNuts adjusts to the truck's rear towing bracket, allowing it to stay in place, even after removing the truck from the trailer. HyperNuts may be stored on the truck- interior or outside- for easy access. This makes them much faster to install or take off that your standard spin rack, as well as safer to store when not in use.

In 2010, Sand Draggers launched an expansion line, featuring 4.5" and 5" gears. Based on the popular Hypereel HyperNuts, Sand Draggers has gained the most popularity based on this fact alone. Sand Draggers offer a wide range of toppers and lumber racks that can conform to any of your HPI's Savage monster trucks.

In 2010, HPI released the RTR model line of the Savage. Unlike the conventional Savage, RTR models of the Savage feature a transmission that can be removed without release a lug nut. The transmission is easy to remove and is usually less hassle than the conventional Savage. The RTR conversions are meant to be less expensive than the conventional conversion and offer the same great performance.

Another popular option in the off-road industry is the tire swap. HPI's Savage line of monster trucks is no exception. While the TRU offers many options for the Savage, HPI offers a new tire swap option. d2c66b5586

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