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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Save Data !!BETTER!!

Download File --->>>

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Save Data !!BETTER!!

Found this hanging around on my PSVITA and thought it would be good to share it before it gets lost forever. It is a PSP EBOOT version of my save editor which includes the save backup options too. Unfortunately there is not much you can edit apart from rebirth data, use the Windows version for more features. Download from the link below, extract the zip to the root of your MS for your PSP to install. PSPo2se Save Editor v0.1 PSP [537 Downloads]

I forgot to mention that since the last update, you can now decrypt save files using the application so there is no need to decrypt the file on your PSP before editing it. You must have SED.exe installed (the application will ask you if you want to install it when you open it) and the correct save data key in the "data/keys/" folder named GAMEID.bin (e.g. NPJH50332.bin). The save data key is the same for ALL versions of Phantasy Star Portable 2, so if you have one you can just copy it for all the game ID's.

Hi there.. thanks for the info.. I tried the following steps.. but kinda confuse with the third step.. After I launch VC3 extra ed. I choose the Extra on Main Menu.. and there is 3 options.. 1. Password, 2. Content, 3. Data Convert.. so it will be option no.3 right to unlock the extra content Because no.1 is to unlock characters or sticker.. and no.2 is to show us what have been unlock.. So I tried no.3.. but it ask me to copy VC3 (normal ed) save data.. is this correctWell I just play VC3 (normal ed) far chapter 4 almost finished

Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 is essentially an update to its predecessor, released in the form of a separate standalone disc due to the Dreamcast lacking a large storage medium for patch updates. As a result, barring the new features and bug fixes, the game is identical to the standard Phantasy Star Online. Furthermore, save data from the original release could be permanently transferred to Ver. 2. 153554b96e

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