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Kamasutra Positions With Pictures Pdf Book !!HOT!! Free Download

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Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional satisfaction in life. Attributed to Vātsyāyana, the Kama Sutra is neither exclusively nor predominantly a sexual manual on sexual positions but is written as a guide to the art of living well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining love life, and other related aspects. to the pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. It is a sutra genre text with short aphoristic verses that have survived to the modern era with different bhāṣyas (expositions and commentaries). The text is a mixture of poetry verses in prose and anustubh-metro. The text recognizes the Hindu concept of Purusharthas and lists desire, sexuality, and emotional satisfaction as one of the proper goals of life. Its chapters discuss methods of dating, training in the arts to be socially attractive, finding a mate, flirting, maintaining power in a married life, when and how to commit adultery, sexual positions, and other topics. Most of the book deals with the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it is good or bad.

The text is one of many Indian texts on Kama Shastra. It is a highly translated work in Indian and non-Indian languages. The Kamasutra has influenced many secondary texts that followed after the 4th century AD, as well as Indian arts, exemplified by the widespread presence of Kama-related reliefs and sculptures in ancient Hindu temples. Of these, Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is a UNESCO world heritage site. Among the surviving temples in northern India, one in Rajasthan sculpts all the main chapters and sexual positions to illustrate the Kamasutra. According to Wendy Doniger, the Kamasutra became "one of the most pirated books in the English language" shortly after Richard Burton published it in 1883. This first European edition of Burton does not accurately reflect much on the Kamasutra because he revised the collaborative translation of Bhagavanlal Indrajit and Shivaram Parashuram Bhide with Forster Arbuthnot to suit 19th-century Victorian tastes.

After that, since 1970 there started an active porn industry, which also caught up and started to develop actively brand of the Kamasutra in the whole world, making different films and educational manuals on sex positions. As a result, among many people, name of the book is associated exclusively with sex positions. Through the years, popularity of the book was growing as well as demand for educative literature about sex. Thus the Kama Sutra is known nowadays. 153554b96e

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