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We have endless number of songs in which the heroine is eleveated to the status of Chaand. Occasionally the hero is fortunate to get that label ( Tum gagan ke Chandrama ho ). But With a swift stroke of his pen Hasarat quashes all the moonrakers from chaudavi ka chaand ho to ye chaand sa Roshan chehera when he writesTujhe main chaand kehata tha magar usme bhi daag hai1 Ye chaand sa Roshan _wJ6mmg2 Ye mera prempatra padhkar

I moved to Porto after 2 months -- most horrible mold ever, no vacuum cleaner in the house, no hot water in the kitchen, window not closing and it was so cold all the time- Both in the country house and also in that house in Porto -- no heating, no insulation. Portuguese people will all tell you to wear blankets around your shoulders all day long. Never mind that everything always stays damp, I was unable to dry my clothes. Then moved to a different apartment, outside Porto (right outside, urban area) to a modern apartment, sharing - it had "central" heating, so nice. Yes, you always hear neighbours, and dogs -- we saw a dog outside the window in a very small yard in a small space, always just there. d2c66b5586

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