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Djoudi, Alaoui (2012)Managerial ethics, social responsibility and entrepreneurship development : a research between two cultures. Acta Universitatis Sintenisae et Nepotis Sapientiae : owner : ACTA ARABICA ORIENTALIS, no : 1, pp. 125-136.

Donaux, Désiré and Showalter, Barbara (2012)National corporate social responsibility reporting : A compilation of findings on the use of corporate social responsibility reporting and disclosures in the United States : Report of a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Robert J. Birgeneau, University of California. Unpublished.

Branco, António and Franko, Pedro and Ferreira, Jorge (2011)The evaluation and exploitation of language inheritance in deep neural fuzzy networks. European Conference on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence. (2009) pp. 169 - 173.

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Christianson, D. and Chedotal, D. (1979)Posttranslational control of protein conformation: Isoprenoid modification of protein folding - isoprenoid modification of cellular growth. Annu Rev Biochem. Jan; 48(1):219-50. d2c66b5586

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