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Rolle Bolle "tossing" and "rolling" are very similar, as players throw the bolles from one stake to another and then try to toss them back to the other side while at the same time trying to get them to roll past the other team's bolles that is closest to the stake. It is played on a large lawn or home soccer field with 28 foot wide aisles. There are 14 to 16 aisles of equal width that must be crossed during the game of Rolle Bolle. The game is played by two teams of six players per side. Each team has a quota of one toss and one roll. The toss is performed with a bale, not a ball. A round of Rolle Bolle consists of playing a game of toss-and-roll followed by a game of follow-balls. The ball used during the toss is also used during the game of roll-and-toss. After a roll has occurred, the ball is passed to a player who may attempt to throw a bolla, a ball shaped like other bowling balls, at the opponent's furtherest bolla. Four players per side try to prevent the other team from scoring points. One player per team is designated the shooter. To score a point, the player throws the bolla as near as possible to the other team's furtherest bolla, which in turn is trying to knock it away from the point closest to the jack. The game is over when the score is equal. The team with fewer points is declared the loser. d2c66b5586

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